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About Intergienia Ltd: Empowering a Greener Tomorrow


Our Solar Journey: From Passion to Purpose

At Intergienia Ltd, our story begins with a vision—a vision of a world where clean energy isn’t just a buzzword but a way of life. Let’s dive into the heart of our mission:

  1. The Spark of Inspiration:

    • Imagine a cosy home bathed in sunlight, powered by the very rays that warm your skin. That’s the dream we chase—the dream of comfort, independence, and environmental stewardship.

    • Our founder, fuelled by this vision, embarked on a solar odyssey nine years ago. The goal? To make every rooftop a mini power station.

  2. Intergienia’s Genesis:

    • Our journey wasn’t linear. We cut our teeth in the solar industry through another venture. But something tugged at our hearts—a calling to specialize, to focus solely on renewables and environmental solutions for your home (insulation, windows).

    • In 2020, Intergienia Ltd was born—a dedicated haven for solar enthusiasts, dreamers, and change-makers.

  3. Why Solar? Why Now?:

    • The solar sector is our playground—a dynamic, ever-evolving space where innovation dances with sustainability.

    • New products, fresh possibilities—each sunrise brings a chance to empower others and heal our planet.

  4. Projects That Shine:

    • Our canvas? Domestic rooftops. We’ve woven solar magic across countless homes. From cosy cottages to urban abodes, we’ve left a trail of sun-kissed panels.

    • Challenges? We thrive on them. “Impossible” roofs? We laugh—they’re our favourite puzzles.

  5. Quality Over Convenience:

    • Here’s our secret: we’re not about shortcuts. We’re about what’s right for you. Other installers may chase cheap and easy, but we chase excellence.

    • Our solar solutions fit like bespoke suits—tailored, precise, and built to last.

  6. Certified and Present:

    • Intergienia wears its badges proudly: MCS, NICEIC, RECC, QualityMark. These aren’t just acronyms; they’re our commitment to quality.

    • And yes, we’re not just names on paper. We’re boots on roofs, ensuring every installation sings with solar symphony.

  7. Our Solar Dream:

    • Imagine a world where solar isn’t a luxury but a birthright. Every home, every business—powered by the sun.

    • We’re here to make that dream tangible, one solar panel at a time.

  8. The Joy of Completion:

    • Our favourite moment? When the last bolt tightens, the last wire hums. We step back, and there it is—a solar-powered reality.

    • Seeing our customers smile? That’s our sunshine.

Ready to Write Your Solar Story?

Contact us today for a free consultation. Let’s chat about how solar PV can transform your world. Intergienia Ltd—where passion meets purpose.

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